Important Information
for purchasers of insects
  • Please give us a call at 717-258-1183. Many orders are customized to suit the user's needs. That makes it impractical to have an on-line ordering system. We want you to have exactly what you need, when you need it.

  • All of our insect species are pests that require specialized knowledge for successful rearing and use. Therefore we only sell them to companies, post-secondary academic institutions, and government agencies having personnel trained and equipped to handle them.

  • For our species other than plant pests such as mosquitoes and cockroaches, we know of no federal requirements for permits. However, states may have their own regulations, and it is incumbent on the purchaser to consult with state authorities prior to placing an order.  At this time, we are aware that California requires prior written permission to import mosquitoes into that state. Please contact us for details.

  • Eggs are provided in lots of 1000. Substantial discounts are given for higher volumes as well as for multiple shipments and standing orders. Our minimum order for eggs is 1000.  For other stages, the minimum order is $50. We ship more than the requested number of insects to account for possible loss of viability in shipment.

  • Most orders for Lepidoptera or Aedes eggs received before 1 pm EST can be shipped same day.  Other species or stages may require some lead time. Approximate lead times are provided in the pricing sheet. We can ship Lepidoptera larvae of any instar on artificial diet. Call us with your special needs.

  • Most insects are shipped in insulated cartons via Fedex Priority overnight. A modest packaging charge is added to cover the cost of the carton and gel packs. Gel packs may be used warm or cold depending on the season. We receive an excellent discount from Fedex which we pass on to you, but we can use your Fedex account number if you wish.

  • As a convenience to our customers, we can sell small quantities (2 liters or less) of prepared artificial diets in cups, multi-cell trays, or blocks. Diet pre-mix is available in quantities up to 10 liters for preparation/use at your location. For diet mixes in larger quantities, we recommend Southland Products Inc. (870-265-3747).

  • Master Card, Visa, and American Express are accepted, as well as company or institutional purchase orders.

  • BENZON RESEARCH CANNOT SHIP INSECTS OUT OF THE USA AND CANADA. Required pre-export inspections, along with frequent delays obtaining customs clearances have made overseas shipments of live insects impractical. 

​The following species DO NOT REQUIRE AN APHIS PERMIT for interstate shipment:

Agrotis ipsilon --- Chrysodeixis includens --- Plutella xylostella

Spodoptera exigua --- Spodoptera frugiperda --- Trichoplusia ni