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Contract Research

Experienced Scientists

Benzon Research is an independent contract research facility with a concentration towards testing biopesticides. We have extensive experience with microbial agents such as B.t. based material and viruses. We have also worked with pyrethroids, synergists, IGRs, and other biorationals. With our wide variety of in-house Lepidoptera and mosquito colonies, we are able to provide high quality insects for all your bioassay needs.


If you’re looking to pursue independent research or third-party QC analysis, contact our bioassay department. As always, strict confidentiality is always observed, and if we don't have the personnel or skills that you require, we'll help you find exactly who you need.

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Types of Assays

Mosquito Larvae (Aedes & Culex)

We routinely test B.t.i. and B. sphaericus fermentation broths, concentrates, powders, liquids, granules, briquets, and other formulations. These assays are typically conducted in an effort to help clients assess potency to improve formulations, target LC50s, and aid in storage stability studies.

Benzon Research laboratory equipment in their contract research department
Insect eggs in cups filled with solution on a red tray in Benzon Research's laboratory

Adult Mosquitoes & Ticks

In recent years there has been great development in treated fabrics for insect repellency. We perform “knock-down” (KD) testing for treated fabric against both mosquitoes and ticks. The target insect is exposed to the fabric and then monitored for KD behavior. This testing is helpful when trying to determine the ability of the fabric treatments to withstand laundering.


During the formulation and fermentation process of B.t. material there’s a chance β-exotoxin may be secreted by the bacteria. Exotoxins are known to disrupt normal cellular metabolism and cause critical damage to the host. For this reason, we offer an exotoxin assay used with B.t. formulations to check for the presence of exotoxin. Housefly eggs from our internal colony are exposed to the material and assessed versus standard larval development.

Close up of larve studies
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Not Sure What You Need?

Not sure what type of assay would best suit your project? Don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry detailing your materials and overall project scope.

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