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Custom Rearing

Proprietary Insect Strains

If you don’t have the time or space to house and build your own colony, let us do the dirty work for you. Your proprietary colony will be housed separately and isolated from other colonies, all while being carefully maintained and documented. In the past, customers have shipped us field collected insects for colony establishment, often with great success. Strict confidentiality is always observed.

Benzon Research insects close up crawling around
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Benzon Illustrations Website-03.png
Benzon Research scientist investigating bioassays for insect research
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Benzon Illustrations Website-03.png

Continued Selection

Many of these proprietary strains require periodic selection to maintain or increase resistance to a select agent such as a synthetic or microbial pesticide, individual protein, etc. This process can be performed in-house via our Insect Bioassay department, in consultation with your research team.

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