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Diamondback moth

Plutella xylostella

Diamondback Moth, Plutella xylostella, picture from Benzon Research's Carlisle PA Insect Rearing Facility

Hatch Time@29C: ~36 hrs

Typical Egg Substrate: foil strips

Egg Availability: on substrate

Usual Larval Container: 12 oz cup, 100~200 per cup

Additional Information:

Diamondback moth larvae are very small and delicate, developing very quickly. They are not cannibalistic unless environmentally stressed. Eggs should be surface sterilized for strong performance. This colony originated in a cabbage field outside Geneva, New York in 1988.

Benzon Research also maintains what is known in the literature as the "NO-QAGE strain" of B.t.-resistant P. xylostella. It was derived from crossing the susceptible "Geneva" strain with a population of field selected (evolved B.t. resistance) P. xylostella originally collected in Hawaii. The colony typically maintains a level of resistance to our internal Btk standard (various Cry proteins) that is approximately 500-1000x higher than the susceptible colony.

Species information from Benzon Research


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